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Kitchen Interior Style Guide: Traveling the World

Kitchen interior design has a lot of styles, both modern and more traditional, classic. Styles arose under the influence of various factors: technical progress, the emergence of new trends in art and architecture, as well as under the influence of a particular culture.
As is known, each country has its own distinctive culture, language, traditions and styles in home improvement. The design of the kitchen room also depends on the geographical location.
The so-called ethno-style is still popular and occupies a leading position in the design field. And if you want to equip your kitchen according to the traditions of a particular country, then you should familiarize yourself with the most popular ethnic styles. Such are: Italian, French, English, Mediterranean, English, Oriental, Japanese, and ours, native Ukrainian.
Each of the styles has its own charm and features that make it unique.
Italian style kitchen
The cuisine for Italians is a favorite place, because they are real gourmets and have erected food to the rank of a real cult. This is a welcoming room, which is equipped as a real work of art, everything is at the highest level – from dishes and textiles to door handles. Italian-style kitchenThe Italian-style kitchen has a number of features:

The furniture is made only from natural materials: wood, dark metal and stone;
Great attention is paid to the finish;
Kitchen utensils do not hide, but on the contrary, are displayed for show as elements of decor: spaced bottles of oils and wines, hung pans, jars, cups and much more. Such a peculiar creative mess;
Ergonomics and functionality – above all;
Strict selection of wood fiber pattern;
Use of natural, saturated shades: sky blue, green, lavender, red, yellow. Italians believe that these colors create warmth and comfort;
Preference is given to the dark color of kitchen furniture;
Kitchen furniture is decorated with carvings or ornaments;
For kitchen in the Italian style is characterized by small cabinets, as well as buffets.
Italian-style kitchen design allows you to create a warm, cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
Ukrainian style kitchen
Modern Ukrainian style in the design of the kitchen interior combines historical traditions and modernity. On the one hand there are “mud walls” and towels, and on the other hand modern appliances and kitchen gadgets.
Ukrainian style in the kitchen. Features of this ethno-style:
Natural materials;
The rough texture of the walls;
The ceiling is an important part of the style, it must be trimmed with sackcloth, beamed floors or remain just white;
The walls are just white, yellow or with a warm woody tint;
In order to emphasize the style, you should choose wooden furniture;
Emphasis should be placed on the table; space will be formed around it;
The abundance of open shelves. They serve both functional and decorative purpose. They can arrange painted dishes, jars of ingredients, etc.;
Kitchen appliances located in the niches;
Decorating a national painting of a refrigerator, stove and other large household appliances
For decoration, you can hang amulets, place motank dolls and spread out herbs and vegetables along the window sill – this will help to convey the Ukrainian flavor and style.
Mediterranean cuisine
At first glance, this style is not quite suitable for our cool climate, but on the other hand, Mediterranean asceticism in decoration, natural materials and the abundance of white can decorate even the most “northern” cuisine.
Mediterranean style gathered in itself Greek, Spanish, Italian and French Provence notes. It turned out a kind of symbiosis, which is loved by many connoisseurs of natural materials and light colors.
The interior in this style should be concise, without excessive pretentiousness and chic. The main thing is functionality. Also, the Mediterranean style does not involve a large number of decorative elements, and those that are, perform their cuisine in a Mediterranean style and functional purpose.
Speaking of furniture, in such a kitchen would be appropriate:
A table with a table top, which is made of glass, natural stone or painted ceramic tiles;
A small sofa made of wood or wicker rattan;
Rattan or cane chairs. Also appropriate are metal chairs with cushions;
The abundance of open shelves or racks;
The highlight is always the cupboard with glass doors.
Household appliances can be built or hidden in niches

Also for the Mediterranean style is characterized by an abundance of light, so if a sufficient amount of daylight does not penetrate into your kitchen, you need to take care of artificial lighting. These can be lanterns and country-style lamps or “vintage” hanging chandeliers.
This style is perfect for open and cheerful people who appreciate comfort and relaxed atmosphere, filled with light and a sense of eternal vacation.