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Rack-transformer from the studio Wewood

Transforming shelving unit – futuristic furniture for a modern home
Furniture transformers every year become more and more popular. They are chosen as those who live in a small space, where the main goal is to save precious space, and those who have large rooms at their disposal, but they still prefer furniture that can be transformed in different ways.
An employee of the Portuguese design studio Wewood Laurindo Martha made a very unusual decision, and invented a very unexpected furniture transformer. Folding tables, sofas, armchairs and other already familiar pieces of furniture are already in the past, and the designer himself swung at furniture, which is a constant value – on the shelf, and decided to make it transformable.
This idea first encountered criticism and many doubts, but this did not stop the designer, and he resolutely set to work. It took several months to create a transformer shelving, but what caused a real sensation. At the presentation of this furniture, everyone was surprised to find that the rack – transformed! Already at the presentation, the furniture received very good reviews and a lot of pre-orders.

Rack transformer: work mechanism
This invention was called X2, since it consists of two mobile blocks, which, in turn, consist of 48 oak slats, which are fastened together with copper elements. The rack can be folded, which gives an absolute advantage to those who often move. Undoubtedly, the rack will be liked by extraordinary, creative individuals who do not like monotony and prefer to modify the furniture /
Due to the lattice structure, the blocks can move relative to each other. The rack gives a lot of new solutions and entertainment. You can have a lot of fun with its shape – first create a square with a stylish volume shadow, you can put the elements obliquely, or at random, and finally, it can be turned into a trapezoid, because this form can boast stability.

The rack impresses with the fact that everything depends solely on your needs, and, of course, your imagination. You need to give the necessary shape and size of the shelves, and then fasten the bolts to fix the structure. The rack is stable and durable, allows you to place on its shelves: books, documents, decor items and a wide variety of small things.