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Year of fruitful cooperation with city libraries

One of the important areas of work of the company Flashnika is the cooperation with children’s, educational and medical institutions.

In 2016, our company had the honor to work closely with the Chernihiv city library system. During the time of cooperation, we have become partners in many interesting, and most importantly, socially necessary projects, among which are: “Life Workshop Workshop”, “Brain-basket”, “Fainbuk” and many other interesting projects.
All these projects, sponsored by employees of the Chernihiv Central Library System, are aimed at improving the lives of city residents. And our company has become a partner who helped bring these projects to life.
But first things first.

In one of the districts of the city of Chernigov, on the street Letnaya (formerly Krasnogvardeyskaya Street) there is a small children’s library. Since its very foundation, she has always been very popular with children of different ages. It is always full of kids who read books and magazines, solve funny puzzles and take part in events prepared by the library staff. In 2014, in addition to books, computers appeared in the library, thanks to which children can use the Internet for self-education. And, therefore, children became even more.

But the furniture, which is several times older than the visitors of the library, did not at all meet the requirements, and could not “accept” everyone who wanted to attend fascinating events that take place in the library.
The head of the children’s library, Tatyana Dmitrieva, asked for help in solving problems with furniture for the reading room. We had great pleasure in producing six tables for the children’s library and helped to arrange a cozy and comfortable room. Now the tables serve as a convenient place to study the little readers.
Alexander Movlyan, director of Flashnika: “I spent all my childhood in the library on Krasnogvardeyskaya. Here I enjoyed spending my leisure time both during my studies and on holidays. In the library you could always meet with friends and have fun reading an interesting book or participate in activities and games that librarians regularly organized. It was a great honor for me that I can help my native library, because it was here, from the pages of books that librarians gladly picked up for me, I received precious knowledge and learned a lot of new and interesting things. ”

Interesting for us was also the project “Life-style workshop”, the idea of ​​which was the organization of a mini-library in the Chernihiv regional hospital, thanks to which those who are treated here can read interesting literature and magazines.

We really liked the idea, and we gladly accepted the invitation to participate in this project. The company Flashnika has made a roomy bookcase, which is located on the first floor of the hospital, and the library staff filled it with a large number of interesting and, most importantly, useful books and magazines. Now, patients will be able to read, charge with positive emotions and thereby accelerate their recovery.

The modern library is not only books, it is also modern technologies. That is why, in the Central Library named after M.M. Kotsyubinsky launched the project “Brain-basket”, where young people will be taught modern information technologies, and at the end of the course they will receive a diploma of an IT specialist.

Library staff turned to Flashnika, asking them to make special computer desks as soon as possible and at the most affordable price. Our company gladly responded to this request, and in a matter of days the library received 15 modern, ergonomic and comfortable computer desks. Now a group of young people is undergoing specialized training that will allow them to work successfully in the future in the IT sphere.
Microdistrict Masany is one of the largest and most populated parts of the city. Geographically, it is located far from the center, but not a bit behind the infrastructure. Most of the residents are young families with children. Having studied this fact, a group of initiative employees of the library system of the city prepared a project according to which a center for leisure activities would be opened in this neighborhood.

The project received a lot of positive feedback, and the center was opened, receiving the name “Faynbuk”.

According to the established tradition, the authors of the project applied for the manufacture of special cabinet furniture for the Faynbuk center to Flashnika.

As a result, in the shortest possible time the furniture was made. The center received high-quality cabinet furniture with an individual design made of environmentally friendly materials.
The library center, which is located on one of the most ancient and picturesque streets of the city of Chernigov, on Pyatnitskaya street, also did not remain without brand new cabinet furniture from whom

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