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Choice of cuisine depending on the sign of the zodiac

Choice of cuisine depending on the sign of the zodiac
Many people trust the predictions of astrologers, and even those who are skeptical about such predictions often read them, because it’s still interesting what these stars of the stars tried to do. Therefore, a kind of experiment, which conducted the company Nolte Kuchen, will be of interest to most. The designers together with the PR department invited astrologers to give a joint astrological-interior forecast for 2017. The essence of the experiment is that the designers, relying on the astrologers’ forecasts, give their recommendations on the choice of kitchen furniture and the arrangement of the interior in this part of the house.

Each sign of the zodiac has its own characteristics, respectively, they have their own recommendations when choosing cuisines.

Choosing a kitchen for Aries
For this year, the stars promise the emergence of a mass of interesting ideas that, together with natural determination and assertiveness, will help you make the move or repair. When arranging the kitchen, you should always weigh and think through each step to avoid quarrels and disagreements, since the mass of people is involved in the arrangement process. The most suitable option for Aries will be a spacious kitchen, with a predominance of space and facades of glossy varnish. The most suitable furniture color is blue.
Kitchen for Taurus
This year Taurus loses its distinctive feature – decisiveness, because according to the promises of stars, this zodiac sign is waiting for a lot of adventures, interesting meetings and opportunities in professional life. And if the Taurus started or are planning to repair the kitchen – then it’s time to experiment.

Bright prints and surfaces of concrete;
Textured wooden furniture;
Metal furniture and other attributes of the harsh industrial style
All these elements, although they look very avant-garde, but they have notes of thoroughness, which is especially to the liking of conservative calves. An excellent solution would be an island kitchen with elements painted in the spirit of street art.
Kitchen forecast for Gemini
Gemini will swallow this year in a whirlwind of change, and there is a high probability that the end of the coming year you will already be a completely different person – with a new job, partner or in a company of new friends. Therefore, for the twins this year is particularly important house, which will not allow to lose touch with reality, and will save from a dangerous adventure.

The heart of the house is the kitchen, and if the twins decide to buy a new one, they should give preference to models that will facilitate communication. That is, with a spacious and comfortable table or bar. The main thing that the kitchen was convenient to communicate both during cooking, and in the process of enjoying it.
Optimal Cancer Kitchen Furniture
Astrologers advise this zodiac sign to refrain from active actions this year. So events can follow the familiar many scenario – “hurry – make people laugh”. If Cancers are planning a repair, then you shouldn’t rush into it. It is better to start with a thorough study of magazines, sites with the theme of interiors, consult with professionals – all this is only for the benefit and will help you choose the most suitable cuisine.

By the end of the year, the stars predict an improvement in their financial situation, and then, you can already think about buying kitchen furniture. It can be different, and excessive luxury for the crayfish will not hurt – gold trim, carving, glossy and fabric imitating facades, expensive appliances and much more will be to the point.

How to buy a kitchen Lions?
The next year, according to the stars, will be especially successful for Lviv – the realization of all fantasies, including interior ones, is promised. Luck will accompany everywhere – at work, and in love, and in all other matters.

In the interior of the kitchen, Lions are allowed everything:

The combination of mirror surfaces and optical patterns;
Textured wood and prints of architectural monuments;
Lions can afford the most paradoxical combination. Full freedom of creativity and creativity, so having equipped your kitchen this year, letting your imagination roam, Lions will be able to keep good luck in their home for a long time.

Kitchens for Virgins
The beginning of the year will bring a surge of strength for the representatives of this sign, which should be wrapped inside, in their inner world, where a re-evaluation of values ​​and the search for new meanings await.
But do not forget about the environment, and particular about the good interior, because it is a source of inspiration and pleasant emotions. Virgos, for their kitchen should be given preference to materials and textures that will demonstrate a fresh look at already familiar things.

An excellent option for Virgos will be a kitchen with facades that imitate natural stone. Kitchen furniture
Scales: features of the choice of cuisine
The habitual double nature of weights this year will rush between work and personal life, therefore it is far from a fact that there will be time to think about repairs. But if you try hard, you can succeed on all fronts, and find balance and harmony.

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