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Style and design of kitchen furniture

Conveniently placed equipment in a properly organized space is important, but if the style of the room fully meets the tastes of the hostess, even the attitude to everyday household duties changes.

In a beautiful and cozy kitchen you want not only to cook delicious dishes, but also to drink tea in the evenings, or to organize small parties with friends.

The advantages of buying kitchens on order in Odessa
In a wide assortment of finished furniture, from which you can choose and buy a kitchen,

Odessa offers samples with different cost, many of them are quite elegant, but the model model, as a rule, stubbornly does not want to fit into the free walls.

Subsequently, it turns out that the number of drawers is not enough, the height of the shelves does not allow to arrange the dishes conveniently, and for the coffee maker there is not enough space on the desktop

As a result, the dream of ergonomics is broken into ashes, and there remains regret about the amount spent, the amount of which was quite noticeable for the family budget.

An alternative option may be a kitchen under the order in Odessa, the price of which will not be much higher, but the result will receive a completely different quality:

guaranteed comfort in a well-planned space;
the ability to choose the material of manufacture;
exclusive design with all the wishes of the client.
What do you need for the kitchen space with the functionality to get the same style that will make the room a real heart of the house?

To answer this question can only professional designers, in practice, have studied all the nuances associated with the subtleties of the design of kitchen furniture.

Specialists with a developed sense of taste, possessing the skills of compositional arrangement of rooms, can turn an ordinary kitchen into a sample of comfort, coziness and modern style.

The company “Color Furniture” provides an opportunity to order furniture in Odessa, made in accordance with the fashion trends in the field of design.

The company employs experienced decorators and skilled craftsmen who have created more than a dozen kitchen sets that have received the highest praise from customers.

A variety of styles to translate any ideas.
The style of kitchen furniture is shaped by the presence of complex features, which include the configuration of the elements, the material for manufacturing the facade and the number of decorative elements. When choosing the style of kitchen furniture, the design project is developed taking into account the following criteria:

features of a particular room (kitchen area, workload with appliances, intensity of use);
compliance of the furniture complex with the general style of housing and the preferences of the owners of the house;
size planned by customers budget.
When designing a kitchen furniture project, designers choose the style direction depending on the client’s commitment to the classics, the desire to get a baroque, fusion or hi tech set.

A great solution for rooms with different functional areas is a combination of styles.

The natural wood surfaces perfectly harmonize with the glossy facades, creating an atmosphere of discreet luxury and elegance.

Kitchen design in the style of minimalism is characterized by a combination of high intelligence and purism, peculiar to people practical and restrained.

Clear shapes and sophisticated silhouettes are signs of futuristic glamor – a relatively new direction in furniture design.

The style is characterized by bright and strong colors of furniture fronts made of natural wood and covered with tinted varnish.