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5 ideas for the kitchen.

Earlier, several decades ago, only housewives were engaged in kitchen design, but now kitchen is one of the favorite places where interior designers show their creativity.

In this article we will talk about five examples of excellent design for the kitchen, which are very popular at this time. Consider the following styles: classic, country, red style, wood and high-tech, where do without it.

Let’s start with the classics.

One of the main attributes of the classic kitchen are such elements as pilasters, gables, cornices.

The kitchen in this style is made out in most cases not in order to cook here (but not without it of course), but rather for receptions, therefore, a kitchen decorated in this style can be called rather a kitchen-dining room.

An excellent solution for this style would be the built-in kitchen appliances, or appliances that have the same color as the furniture. A variety of “fashionable things” can hide the classic style, so it is better to give preference to more pragmatic, even antiquarian things.

Regarding wall decorations, an embossed panel or painting would be an excellent option.

Country style is popular not only in clothes, but also in interior design, that’s why he entered our review.

For this style floor and walls are important, it is important how they look. The main feature of country style is the presence of many different textures, and in one room.

Wood, clay, brick – the more such “not similar” elements, the better.

As for the furniture, which should furnish the country kitchen, then it must be different, you should not order a set.

All elements: cabinets, tables, stove, shelves – everything is bought separately, and they must be completely different. They can be made from different materials.

An excellent option can be furniture made with your own hands, so to say “hand made”.

This is the most unusual style of those that we consider in this article, so before proceeding to the design of the kitchen in this style, you should make sure of your love for red.

Since this color of the kitchen will clearly prevail over the others, then you should not worry about the technology or dishes, they can have any other color design.

But if you decide not to change the style, then you can pick up the red kitchen appliances, because many manufacturers are “up to date” with fashion trends, and are ready to offer a “red assortment”.

In case you wish to design the kitchen in this style, then the designers advise to use no more than two types of wood, since they can argue with each other and you get a kind of discord.

Wood trim can be “mixed” with chrome-plated “high-tech tricks” – this will give the kitchen a certain modernity and freshness.

As for the decor elements, then the best option in this case would be dishes in the African or Asian style. And, at the end, Hi-tech.

This is perhaps the most complex, even architectural style, it will not be able to fully create, adding a few elements coated with chrome. It requires spaces that are made of glass, metal and concrete.

If you are an avid cook, and like to force open shelves in jars with culinary “drugs”, then you have to give up this, because this style does not like that, all this will have to be hidden in a cupboard.

For this style, you need to very carefully select accessories, because one incorrectly selected, inappropriate element can reduce Hi-tech to zero.

Glass and various metal surfaces are permissible finishing materials for a kitchen decorated in this style.

The indisputable advantage is that Hi-tech gives the “green light” to all modern and advanced kitchen appliances, it can be as long as you want.

Such a kitchen will remain in the “trend” for a very long time.

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