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How to upgrade the kitchen interior?

Psychologists say that in order for a person to feel whole, he must be in a comfortable environment. However, for absolute harmonization of the internal world with the external environment, the external decor should be changed regularly enough. These external motions will become motivators for internal self-improvement. Since the person spends a lot of time not only in the kitchen, which is often not only a place for preparing and storing food, but also a place to receive food, it is shown to change it even in terms of mental health. What to say about the aesthetic component!

Options for changing the kitchen interior
It makes no sense to dwell on how to radically change the interior of the kitchen. This includes repairs, redevelopment, and the purchase of new furniture, and the acquisition of a mass of modern kitchen devices, and the use of skinali. But there are more budget options for updating the kitchen.

The first is a change in the design of the walls. With the help of the usual stencil, you can make the walls of the kitchen more deep and rich. If this is a geometric pattern close in tone to the main color of the wall, the pattern will give it depth. Large contrasting patterns are permissible, if desired, to make the interior of the kitchen original and quite sharp. A simpler solution to changing the background of the walls can be the use of stickers.
In this case, the first and second options are applicable for painted walls, and for wallpaper.
Another way to update the kitchen is to give the old kitchen a new sound. This is achieved thanks to several tricks:

on the kitchen cabinets are made new facades;
the facades of the headset are painted in a different color;
the set is decorated with new bright accessories;
Various decorative elements are used.
The use of decor when updating kitchen furniture
For a serious renovation of kitchen furniture, one painting of facades is not enough. After staining them on the facades can be attached:
On the facades are sometimes applied overlays of tile or laid out mosaic of broken dishes. Ceramic stucco is attached with tile glue. As for the wooden molding, it is originally attached with glue for fixing wooden products, creating the desired pattern. Only after this is the coloring of the whole product.
Ceramic tiles remaining after the repair, you can paste over the kitchen table or the wall of the facade. For this, fragments of broken dishes can also be used. The table top can be updated in several more ways, the simplest of which is to stick a self-adhesive film. This option is the most short-lived, but it gives the opportunity to regularly update the furniture.

An interesting option to update the facades of furniture may be wallpaper. With their help, an interesting composition can be created, however, even when processing with varnish, this facade will be very sensitive to high humidity and will hardly last for a long time in the kitchen. The same applies to the option of pasting the facade with photographs from a personal archive.

The use of decor when updating the kitchen
Pasting one of the walls in the kitchen with washable photo wallpapers can give it a very special sound. A mosaic panel on one of the kitchen walls made of broken dishes or ceramic tile remains will look non-standard. From the same material, you can make interesting borders and put them on the edge of the window sill or table.

In the case when the kitchen walls are covered with tiles, you can update it with self-adhesive film. Moreover, the pattern and color combination, you can choose arbitrarily, because its range is very wide.

If you chose country style or eclecticism close to it, you can cover the floor with rugs tied with rags cut from obsolete clothing.

The original design of the window will give the whole kitchen a completely different sound.

Restyling usually affects household appliances. The door of the refrigerator can be hidden behind a wooden lining or painted with acrylic paints. You can also use a self-adhesive film with the desired pattern printed on it. For the most lazy in terms of transforming kitchen appliances, there are magnets that are also capable of imparting new sound to old things.

Kitchen lighting as a decor option
The modern market of lighting products offers a great variety of products that satisfy all needs and tastes. You can also make light fixtures yourself – it is easy to find instructions on the World Wide Web. But in the selection of fixtures for the kitchen you need to consider a few fundamental points.
1. The working area should be perfectly lit.
2. The dining area may be in the twilight.

Lamps used in the kitchen carry a double load; in spite of the fact that they are intended for lighting, it is also very significant how they fit into the chosen style. Therefore, to upgrade the kitchen are essential

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