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Useful tips on choosing a closet compartment

The sliding wardrobe has long been considered the number one furniture in popularity; it can be more and more often found in the houses and apartments of our fellow citizens. Such high popularity is due to the fact that this furniture has a whole mass of useful qualities that will make life more comfortable.

But before buying, we are often tormented by the questions: which option to choose this furniture so that it is as useful and harmonious as possible in the interior?

These are the questions we will try to answer in this article, which will be an excellent adviser when choosing this furniture for your home.

When should I install a wardrobe and how to take care of it.
So, where to start, order a wardrobe compartment – from measuring the room and studying its features, or from calculating the number of things that need to be folded in the closet?

the wardrobe is still starting, it’s worth exploring the room, analyzing its size and layout features. It is good to think in which place the installation of the wardrobe compartment will be the most convenient and practical. Based on the size of the room you need to think through the dimensions of the furniture and its design. It can be angled or embedded.

Initially, you need to think about the dimensions of the room, and then you can about the things that need to be folded.

Many have a question that concerns the installation of a built-in wardrobe: should it be installed before repair or after it?
The answer is quite simple – after. After all, in order for all measurements to be as accurate as possible, we need ready-made walls, a floor and a ceiling. Then the embedding of the cabinet will be as correct as possible.

There are exceptions, for example, if you need to deepen the rails for rollers from sliding doors into the floor, this is done in order to remove the nut. Then in this case, this operation is done before repair.

An equally important issue that should be given due attention is the internal structure of this furniture. That’s it here you should analyze your wardrobe to order the right amount of hangers, shelves and drawers. It is also worth considering the height of the hangers, so that you can hang out long clothes: dresses, coats, raincoats, etc.
Also, do not forget that in order for the furniture to serve as long as possible, you need to “take care of” it.

The sliding wardrobe – the furniture is unpretentious, and, as a rule, special, service does not require. In order for the mechanisms to serve longer and not emit a nasty squeak, they should be cleaned from dust (especially below), and the wheels can be lubricated with special oil.
When choosing roller systems should pay attention to their quality. Unfortunately, many companies may, under the guise of “economy,” offer completely low-quality accessories. But, as is known from the saying “the miser pays twice,” saving once, you will have to pay again soon, as they will fail.

It is worth trusting only well-known and reputable furniture manufacturers that offer a wardrobe compartment.

Decoration wardrobe coupe.
The appearance of the furniture is always in the same row with its practicality and benefits, therefore, this parameter should also be given due attention.

Buy a wardrobe Sliding doors, as is known, the basis of this furniture are sliding doors, and they are the main object of decor in the wardrobes. How to decorate a lot of options, and this is a huge plus. This will allow you to easily and simply decorate the interior indoors, create a special atmosphere, and even make the interior truly exclusive.

The most popular materials for decorating doors are:
Chipboard with art glass. Glass inserts do not occupy the entire area, but only some of its parts. A very attractive and inexpensive way to decor;
Mirror doors. Perhaps the most popular option for decorating doors. It is always stylish and versatile. Moreover, mirrors are known to help visually expand the space;
Decoration of the doors of the sliding-door wardrobe with the help of colored plates of acrylic, camelite and gransyle;
Drawings of sandblasting on the glass;
Very popular photo printing (which is worthy of special mention);
Decoration with rattan and bamboo. This option will appeal to lovers of “organic” in the interior, as it is a natural, natural and environmentally friendly material;
The more expensive decor options for sliding doors of the wardrobe include: stained glass, laser engraving, murals and acrylic decor.

So, about the photo. This is not the most expensive way to decorate, but at the same time one of the most spectacular. You can put on the door of any pattern that you wish. You can take a piece of ocean or forest with you to the house, portray a night city, an architectural monument and any other picture you wish on the door.
It is also worth trusting only proven manufacturing companies that can apply a drawing with photo printing in high quality. You will agree that it will not look very much if “pixels” or other interferences are visible in the figure.