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Caring for furniture from chipboard

Chipboard furniture is an affordable alternative to wood.
Proper care will ensure the longevity of any furniture, even inexpensive of chipboard. This material has wide popularity due to its availability, versatility and durability. Nowadays, it is the most common alternative to natural wood.

Maybe chipboard furniture is not as durable and durable as wood, but with proper care and compliance with the rules of operation, you can significantly extend the life of such furniture.
Chipboard is most often used in the manufacture of furniture, such as tables, office furniture, kitchens, wardrobes and many others. This material has high performance in matters of strength and resistance to mechanical damage, and it also prevents the appearance of fungus, mold and other unpleasant bacteria.

But despite the fact that chipboard is very durable and reliable material, it requires compliance with certain rules for care.

Furniture made of chipboard: cleaning and care rules
custom-made furniture It has long been known that this material is resistant to moisture, and frequent washing is not a problem at all. But this can only be said about the most laminated surface, and the ingress of moisture inside the slab is unacceptable.

Therefore, you should know the three rules for the care of furniture from chipboard:

If you decide to wash the furniture, you must first make sure that there are no cracks on the surface, through which moisture can leak into the stove. If the water is inside the stove, then the life of the furniture may end, as it will not work out anymore. This leads to deformation of the chipboard;
If the furniture is contaminated, do not clean the dirt with abrasives (polishing or wax for furniture is no exception). For these purposes, you should use the usual soap solution, after which the furniture should be wiped with a regular dry cloth. And then you can polish the surface. Before you apply this or that furniture cleaner, read the instructions carefully; it must be stated: suitable for chipboard;
You can use antistatic agents that will prevent dust from settling. To clean chipboard furniture from dust, you should use a dry soft cloth with a lint-free structure, so as not to leave scratches on the surface
Furniture made of chipboard: extending the life
furniture to order The rules for cleaning furniture were given above, and now we should talk about those tips that will help extend the period of use of furniture:
Protect furniture from direct sunlight. Particularly attentive to this issue is in the summer, because at this time the sun is especially hot, and direct rays can lead to fading of the surface;
It is necessary to prevent direct contact with very hot objects. If you want to put a plate or cup on the surface, you should first put something;
Despite the fact that a modern chipboard has a special laminated layer that protects the surface from damage, it is not worth cutting anything on the surface, subjecting it to blows or placing superheavy objects;
And when moving, furniture made of chipboard should be properly packaged in stretch or in cardboard packaging so as not to damage it. Corners require particularly careful packaging, because this is the most vulnerable piece of furniture.
Furniture made of chipboard is much cheaper than wood, and in appearance it does not yield to it, and if you follow the rules of caring for such furniture, it will last a very long time and will retain its appearance.