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Choose a cabinet for TV.

Since the time when televisions began to appear in people’s homes for many years, many years have passed, but he invariably remains the “central figure” in the living room, hallway and continues to gather the whole family from his screen.

During the history of its existence, the TV has significantly transformed, changed in size, both the screen and the design itself, its image became color, and already with the onset of the so-called digital era, it became completely “smart”, learned to enter the Internet and show the image in FullHD format.

Everyone has their own preferences, what kind of “box” to choose, but in order to conveniently place it in the living room, you will need special furniture, which has the name of a TV stand, very often replaces a specially designed wardrobe.

In this article we will help you choose this furniture element, tell you about their classification, and also show you what to look for when choosing.

TV Stand: Types and Classification.

Not everyone has already “switched” to using a plasma television, which is distinguished by its “flat” parameters, some still prefer older samples, which are characterized by impressive dimensions.

Stand for TV corner design;

This furniture will be an excellent option for the TV is the old model, because it is installed in a corner, and this will hide the volume and overall back of the TV. This allows you to use the angle, which in most cases is idle and save space.

The cabinet can be equipped with shelves on which you can install multimedia equipment, or add up the necessary stuff.

Such furniture will be indispensable for small rooms.

TV cabinet;

In this case, you can both use a special dresser-chest of drawers, and the usual chest of drawers for storage. On such furniture you can install both a flat-panel TV and an older one with “bulging shapes”; everything will depend on the depth of the furniture.

This version of the furniture is very convenient for the living room, because in the drawers you can store the necessary things, and this will allow you to abandon the bulky walls that are not relevant in modern styles of interior design.

TV table;

Such a TV stand is often mobile, as it is equipped with wheels. In appearance, it resembles a familiar coffee table, but one that is equipped with many open shelves on which you can install multimedia equipment or fold your favorite magazines and books.

Furniture of this type can be made of wood or chipboard, and of glass. The last option at the present stage is very popular.

Rotating bollard;

Such furniture often has a small size. Some are equipped with a special leg, which is located below the middle of the furniture element, the bollard rotates entirely. And there are some models where a rotating vertical panel is mounted on the surface onto which a plasma is mounted.

Accordingly, the first option is best suited for old-style TVs, and the second for modern ones.

Which model to choose for yourself is up to you, but in order to make the choice as correct as possible, you should know several factors that should be considered when purchasing this type of furniture.

What should I look for when choosing a TV stand?

Choose a cabinet should be strictly in accordance with the design style of the room where it will be installed. If you plan to soon repair the living room, then you should think about your choice in advance.

For classical styles, thumbs, made of wood or chipboard, are perfect, and for more modern and informal ones, glass cabinets for TV.

Also choosing this furniture, it is tedious to clearly know the dimensions of the TV, which will be installed on this furniture. Thumbnails dimensions should be larger both in width and depth by at least 100 mm.

An important detail is the material from which the furniture of this type will be made. It should be durable and reliable, and, of course, match the color of the interior of the room. It is not worth saving on accessories, it should also be of high quality, we are talking about a variety of mechanisms and fastening systems.

Before choosing a cabinet, you need to think about what you will be putting on additional shelves and in drawers, and based on this, choose a cabinet of the desired size.

TV stand is a very important part of the interior of your living room, so before you make a purchase, you should carefully consider which type of furniture is the most suitable, what color and material to choose and how to efficiently use the internal space of the stand.

Choose only high-quality furniture – it is the basis of comfort in the house. You should not save unnecessarily, because as you know – “the miser pays twice.”

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