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Rational storage of things in a small apartment.
The rational organization of space is one of the key moments in the development of the interior design of any housing. But if we are talking about a small apartment,…

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Rational storage of things in a small apartment.

The rational organization of space is one of the key moments in the development of the interior design of any housing. But if we are talking about a small apartment, this question becomes almost decisive. The modern layout of apartments implies a fairly large entrance hall, but also in many old apartments where the entrance hall is very small. We will consider both options, which are united by one key point; any storage systems should not become the dominant focus of the entire interior.
There are several solutions:
“Masking” under the walls (the color of the walls should overlap with the color of the furniture),
decoration that visually turns the storage system into an element of decoration,
“Cover” the front of the mirrors, which will visually increase the room,
sandblasted glass storage systems that visually facilitate the construction.
Otherwise, a small apartment will turn into a kind of storage of clothes and household items, and not into a cozy and comfortable housing.
What is the advantage of a large hallway? The long corridor (hallway) is extremely convenient in terms of rational storage of things: its deaf part can be turned into a compact storage system by making a built-in wardrobe up to the ceiling. In a small hallway, making such a closet is problematic.

Cabinet as storage system
Before you allocate space in the hallway under the cabinet, you need to decide what kind of things you will store there. This will help calculate its usable area. It is more rational to make a wardrobe, which will allow, if necessary, to place in front of the wardrobe, for example, a galoshnit or a soft bench.
It is convenient to organize a small corner with an open hanger and a shelf for shoes – thereby unloading the main closet and there will be a place for accommodating clothes and shoes for guests. In a small hallway it is reasonable to use the entrance area.
If it is supposed to store clothes and shoes for different seasons in one closet, it is necessary to divide it into compartments. Separate compartments and shelves are needed to store household items.

Cabinet space organization
Since outerwear has different lengths, compartments with hangers need to be made of different heights. When calculating the length of the rods, it is desirable to add 10-20% to the necessary for hanging existing clothes.
Under the ceiling is better to make shelves for storing travel bags and things that you rarely use.
Shoes are most conveniently stored in special organizers or in identical boxes, which, for convenience, are signed to know which particular pair of shoes is in a specific box.

Is a chest of drawers necessary?
The traditional purpose of the dresser – storage of bed linen, pantyhose, socks and underwear. Since the task is to minimize the number of storage systems in a small apartment, you must first abandon the dresser in the bedroom. For storage of a bed in a closet, open shelves are ideal, and for underwear / socks / tights – drawers that should be placed in a comfortable area. Above can be shelves for clothes, and below – for shoes.

Storage of large items
In the closet you need to take storage space for folding dryers and ironing boards. If the area allows the hallway, perhaps the most convenient way to iron things near the cabinet – thus saving time and energy to carry them.

It is necessary to allocate a compartment for storing sports equipment, tools, Christmas tree decorations and an artificial Christmas tree. It is also necessary to allocate a place for storing a mop, bucket, vacuum cleaner (from the point of view of storage, a robot vacuum cleaner is very beneficial).

Carefully thought out and corrected list of necessary household items and household chemicals will minimize the number of boxes for their storage. If the bathroom area allows, it would be ideal to store these items in a closet in the bathroom.

Perfect order in the bathroom
A serious problem in small apartments is a place for drying clothes. It is convenient to dry small items on a ceiling dryer placed in a bathroom. For large things, it is better to use a folding folding dryer. If possible, the storage basket of dirty laundry should be hidden.

If the area does not allow it, it is worth decorating it, making it an art-object of the bathroom. The case in the bathroom does not take up much space, but acts as a place to store bed linen or cleaning and cleaning supplies. Under the sink, it is desirable to make a box for storage of household chemicals, and above it hang a mirror box that will perform a double function:
Custom solutions
If you increase the window sill, and organize a soft zone near the window, you can get additional space for storing books or dishes.

With a low location of the window sill and a large window size, a more radical option is possible: to expand the window sill and lay pillows on it, thereby organizing another recreation area.

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